Cerámica Millas

Our company has more than 100 years of experience in ceramic products. It began as a family business and grew into what we are today thanks to hard work, good quality, excellent service and our qualified human team.

Using production methods adapted to pioneering technology, we develop top-quality products at facilities equipped with latest-generation machinery and qualified personnel. Respect for the environment is another primer concern, and protecting it is part of our corporate philosophy.

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Quality and the Environment

Calidad y Medio AmbienteExhaustive control of manufacturing, firing and packaging keeps our company in the lead. We rely on work well done, effort and constant improvement to produce reliable, distinctive products that position our company on the market with a competitive edge.

Sustainability is an ethical commitment that sets the standards for a way of life and how we manage our activities in the biosphere.

Respect for the environment is a key pillar of our philosophy at Cerámica Millas.

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